Does the prospect of not “getting any” bother you? Is Beyonce’s song, “Partition” your ringtone? That’s okay. Like many of us, you are a work in progress. And progress you shall. Through our efforts and commitment on your part, you will go from “out there” to “chaste.” We at Cookies in the Jar℠ are encouraging you to wait before engaging in sexual activity. How long are you supposed to wait? Until you’re married. (You’re thinking, “I’ve read enough, back to facebook”), but hear us out. It is in your best interest to not engage in sex prematurely because by doing so: you form a spiritual bond with your sexual partner, let’s call him Buster, that is difficult to sever; this relationship can hinder your future romantic relationships; this sexual activity can strain your relationship with God; and such activity also makes you susceptible to diseases.

And let’s not forget Buster, who will inevitably live up to his name. Why give him the opportunity to hurt you and brag about his conquest to his boyz?

It is true that you drastically reduce the odds of contracting an STD if you use a condom, but we don’t want there to even be a minute chance that you have to endure a potentially life threatening disease. Girl, this is a risk we aren’t willing to take. Through education, prayer, support from your Cookies in the Jar℠ peers, (and lots of cold showers) you can do this!

Already heaving sex? For your own sake, you’ve got to send Buster packing. Click on the “Articles” tab to learn more…