Heaven Sent

by Dionne Michelle

In case you haven't figured this out by now, I have a knack for finding the wrong guy. I've dated everyone from the undercover brother to guys who've stolen from me, guys with baby momma drama, guys with addictions, guys who are cray cray, etc. Well, after a decade of that, I decided to wait for God to send me a boyfriend. I prayed that God would send me someone, and Voila! He did! This guy was ahhhhhhhmazing- handsome, educated, professional, intelligent, caring, loving, engaging, and single. He was heaven sent. I had to admit God's matchmaking skills were on point. I thought that once God sent me someone, it was a done deal. Not quite...

After several months of being the happiest I've ever been, dude just randomly checked out. He stopped texting, calling...caring. I was devastated. How did this happen? I knew that God had sent him to me. I desperately needed answers, so I went on a fast. For 22 hours, I only drank water and prayed something like this "God, are you gonna give me some answers or am I gonna just sit here and starve myself to death?" (Girls, I don't recommend you fast food because I don't know what sort of medical conditions you may have.) Thankfully, I didn't starve to death, because I need to share the important answers that I received with you. Here are the main points:

So what do you do when your prince charming prances away?