Why does this website reference Christianity?

Cookies in the Jar, Inc.℠ is a faith-based organization that promotes the Christian principle of abstinence before marriage.

My experience with Christians is crazies talking funny, pretending to fall out in church, shouting scriptures at folks on the streets, and not participating in the more fun aspects of life. Why would I want to be associated with you people?

I’ve found that people use isolated experiences with eccentric individuals who claim to be Christians and then stereotype all of us. For example, I have a close friend who always opines about how Christians are brainwashed and lunatics based on his one encounter with a college friend who professed to be Christian. One day she had a report due and instead of researching and writing her report like a good co-ed, she slacked off and refused to write her paper. When my friend questioned her about it, she said that God would write her paper. When he didn’t, she of course failed the class. I have never known God to research and type papers for students, if so, that would have been a handy service for me during college. Most Christians are normal, but you don’t hear about them because …um…they are normal. There are outrageous people everywhere, but on the whole, if you find a decent church, you will find a normal, down-to-earth group of people to befriend.
Email us and let us know you accepted christ as your personal savior.
We are so proud of you!
What are the benefits of being a Christian?

Favor. You will have favor. With God as your friend, he can pull some strings to help you in your life.

Guidance. It is also pretty amazing that the creator of the universe will take time out of his busy schedule to spend time with you. You will have to work at this relationship, just like all your other relationships, but I promise you your life will be enriched and more purposeful with God’s guidance.

Heaven. So if all your wilding out causes you to die prematurely, at least you get to go to heaven. LOL!

Maybe I should wait until later, when I'm older.
Later may be too late. As an aside, listen to this awesome rendition of Tomorrow by Tamia

I've been wilding out for years now; I'm too far gone.
God wants you now while you are a hot mess. He will help to calm some of your wilding out tendencies.

But I like wilding out. I don't want to be a Christian because then I can no longer have fun.
No one said you have to be a lame Christian. Keep the party going. With God as your new BFF, that’s something to celebrate!

I don't want to be a Christian because I believe these slick preachers have formed a conspiracy to take advantage of people and take their money. No thanks.
Salvation is free. Also, church membership is not a requirement for you to have a relationship with God. So don’t let the fact that you have an aversion to joining a church stop you from making the best decision of your life to get closer to God.

I don't want to be a Christian because Christianity promotes the subjugation of women.
Though the bible is applicable today, its references to women must be read in their historical context. The fact that women were not portrayed as major figures reflects the time period in which it was written. God does not have a distorted view of women like some of the male chauvinists we may encounter. God wouldn’t have made us such fabulous, fearless leaders if he wanted us to sit on a back pew in church then go home and knit. Get close to God and he will lead you to your amazing destiny. Get encouraged. Research these amazing female ministers and learn what it means to be a mighty woman of God:

Priscilla Shirer
Nadia Bolz-Weber (House for All Sinners & Saints, Denver, CO)
Sheryl Brady (Potter’s House North Dallas)
Dr. Cynthia Hale (Ray of Hope, Atlanta)
Kim Jones-Pothier (Church of the Harvest, Fayetteville, GA)
Joyce Meyer

How can there be a God when there is so much evil in the world?
We humans have free will. We can choose to follow the will of God or not. Evil doers choose “not.”

If God is so wonderful and loving, why are there natural disasters with large scale loss of life? Where was God during Hurricane Katrina? Where was God during the tsunami in Japan?
Please see to understand what causes hurricanes. Please see to understand what causes a tsunami. Oftentimes, natural disasters are referred to as “acts of God.” However, this is a misnomer because these are “acts of nature.” God is not a capricious deity who arbitrarily decides “I want to kill 10,000 people today- Zap!” The bible says in John 10:10 “The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly.” The horrific events that we’ve witnessed are not the work of God.

How do I know that what you write is true?
Don’t take my word for it, ask God for yourself.

How do I become a Christian?
The bible says "If you confess with your mouth, ‘Jesus is Lord,’ and believe in your heart that God raised him from the dead, you will be saved. For it is with your heart that you believe and are justified, and it is with your mouth that you confess and are saved." Romans 10:9-10

How easy is that! Say this prayer aloud,

“Lord, I admit that I am a sinner, but I thank you for forgiveness. I believe that you sent your son to die on the cross for my sins and that you raised him from the dead and he is now in heaven. I accept Jesus as my Lord and Savior which means I will nurture my relationship with him, consult with him, and try to live my life in a manner that would be pleasing to him. Amen.”

Now what?
1) Email and let us know that you accepted Christ as your personal savior. We are so proud of you!!
2) Read up on what it means to be Christian. Here are some resources:

3) Pray to God regularly -thank him for his blessings and ask him to forgive your sins and of course talk to him about whatever else is on your mind.
4) Find a Christian mentor to answer your questions and offer guidance.
5) Join a bible-believing church or other network of Christians and begin to form a support network. Here are some recommendations:

Zion Church
World Changers
Ray of Hope
New Hope
Harvest Cathedral
Free Chapel
The Potters House
Lakewood Church
North Carolina  
Elevation Church

Lots of love,
Dionne Michelle