Is Keri Hilson's "Pretty Girl Rock" your theme song?
Do you exhibit style, grace and beauty?
Do you possess the fruits of the Spirit?
No idea what this is? smh
It's time you share your fabulousness with
the rest of the world!

Tell us about you!

We are looking for a fresh face to represent our organization. Would you like to be featured on the homepage of Here’s your chance. Submit a personal statement addressing why you want to be the cover model for Cookies in the Jar℠ (no word limit). Also submit a one-page essay on “Why it’s important to keep your cookies in the jar” or document how you’ve made a difference in your community by implementing an abstinence or safe sex campaign. To document your work, submit pictures of your activities or have a teacher, counselor, youth group leader, professor, employer, or other authority figure write you a letter of recommendation explaining your campaign.

We are looking for someone who is more than just a pretty face; we need someone who will be a good role model. Open to members ages 15-29. Deadline to be announced.
The winning contestant will receive a glamorous makeover by gifted makeup artist, Monae Everett and will be photographed. The Board of Directors will select the photograph to be displayed on the homepage of the website.

Cookies in the Jar℠ Board of Directors