From the school girl to the seasoned professional, finding a suitable boyfriend has often proved elusive. The prospect of being chronically single can be unsettling, frustrating, and confusing. How does one find and keep Mr. Right? It is the question at the forefront of the minds of many singles. In 2009, the long-awaited answer appeared to have arrived in what some consider the single woman's bible, an insightful self-help book on dating that provided women a frank discussion of what men want. In New York Times Best Seller, Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, the author explains that one of the three things every man needs is the "cookie," (a metaphor for sex), and sets forth a recommendation for the timeframe in which women should engage in premarital sex.

Notwithstanding the ethical dilemma this poses for single Christian women, to do so is wrought with potential undesirable consequences. Cookies in the Jar, Inc.℠ teaches that intercourse is not to be entered into casually, for recreation, sport, or acceptance. Contrary to popular belief, sex is more than an act; when you engage in this activity you give more than an experience, you give yourself. Therefore, the "cookie" is not a sexual experience, the "cookie" is a special part of you. We will form relationships based on mutual respect and lead happy, healthy, and fulfilling lives. Don't be some guy's dessert; keep your cookies in the jar! C'mon girls, join the campaign!