The Withdrawal Method

Dear Cookie Dough,

I want to write you to encourage you to use protection if you are sexually active. When I was young and dumb, I let this dude talk me into having sex without a condom. He was experienced, and I wasn't. I was a virgin when we met. He said that if he used the withdrawal method, I couldn't get pregnant. Well, nine months later my baby was born. He really withdrew then. No help with the baby, no child support, no nothing. There's not a day that goes by that I don't regret the day I let him make this awful life changing decision for me. I think about what I could have accomplished if I didn't have this huge responsibility on me. I can't believe I allowed this lowlife deadbeat to ruin my life. I struggle every day to make ends meet, to be a decent parent by myself, to find someone who will love me in spite of this messed up situation. Don't make my mistake; don't let someone talk you into doing something stupid. The only way to guarantee you don't end up in my situation is to not have sex, period. If you think you're grown and want to have sex, use protection. You will regret it if you don't. My life is full of regrets...


Famous Amos Pecan Chocolate Chip

We would like to thank Pecan Chocolate Chip for sharing her story with us. As illustrated here, relying on someone's impeccable timing is not effective birth control. The best birth control is not having sex, but if you're gonna do it anyway, you need to have a long talk with your gynecologist (and guardian if you're a minor) about contraception and STD prevention.