Dear Cookie Dough,

Just a thought... There's a saying "Be careful who you sleep with..." and that doesn't just go for STDs or worrying about who all they've slept with. I'd say look at it like this... if you can't imagine that other person as your child's mother or father... wouldn't be content with having a child by that woman or man... don't think them FIT to be a parent, then... DON'T sleep with them. Some of us don't think about this until AFTER the fact... and we need to think about it BEFORE the "oops!!" Cause no matter how careful we may be, stranger things have happened... Next think you know, you're expecting a child with someone who doesn't like to work or doesn't know the meaning of a job, someone who's never home which means the child won't see that parent much and you'll be raising it on your own, or he/she could be a selfish individual - always thinking about themselves thus putting the child last. Just think about it and ask yourself first, "Would I want this person as my child's mother or father IF that were to happen?" If the answer is "No!" or "H#[[ no!" then GET UP and leave!