This Guy

I recently spoke with a young lady in her 20's and the conversation went like this:

Teen: "I think I'm pregnant.
Me: "Why do you think that?"
Teen: "Because it's been two months since my period."
Me: "Who's the father of this baby?"
Teen: "It's this guy I was seeing."
Me: "Are you in a relationship with him?"
Teen: "No, I don't even like him! It was just something he pressured me into doing. I should not have been with him."

In my professional life, I work with many women who have children by men who are not there to help them raise the children. Many of the fathers are in jail. Most are just not around. It puts the women in a very tough spot because every parent needs support. The main support for a child should be both parents.

Here is my advice. Get a commitment from the person you are "seeing" before you become pregnant. Know whether you want to be involved with him before you get involved in a sexual relationship. Decide what YOU want. If YOU want to be sexually involved and don't want to become pregnant at this time in your life, take preventive measures. Think of this ahead of time BEFORE you're caught up in the moment.


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